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Beware of the Alien Arrival.

FAZQ: Frequently Asked ZtereoiD Questions

Ordinary minds cannot fathom the persistance of the Z sound.

ZtereoiD is not Ordinary. ZtereoiD is digital.

Any more Questions about that?

How is it possible to be as great as ZtereoiD?

We would love it if everyone was as awesome as ZtereoiD. It’s lonely at our level. However, I encourage you to try. Be better than you’ve ever been before. I will wait here at the top.

What kind of synthesizers and software are used in ZtereoiD Music?

Yes, it’s true that there are synthesized sounds based on computer software. But how could a mere single ordinary DAW be enough for ZtereoiD? That’s right. It can’t be. In the 90’s, In search for greatness ZtereoiD started with Fast Tracker II by Triton. Only the God of the high Seas could create a tool that could match ZtereoiD’s level of skill. Later other software was tried and discarded. Until Z found Ableton in 2018.

What happens next?

In 2022 there will be new music released. The Pandemic has created new possibility as well as creating barriers of unactivity. Some old favourites will be released in a revamped way. New ideas will be focused and more videos will accompany the audiotific travels.

Is there something that you cannot do?

Yes. We cannot be faulted. We cannot be deterred.
But there is no hinder that is too large to scale. There is no tone we cannot create. Every song every accord is there for a reason.

We are ZtereoiD

After years of dormant inactivity and transcendent mindfulness ZtereoiD decided to once more create music for the benefit of the entire human race. Since 2018 the Call of duty to supply uplifting synthesized audio the world has been ZtereoiD’s vocation. It’s Not a burden. It’s the echelon of truth.

To make every man and woman on this earth happy.

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